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Stealth Simulation by Boorpus™ LLC was born out of the need to increase the fidelity of standardized patient physical examination. We focus on technology-driven innovative solutions aimed to improve medical simulation while maintaining the highest degree of realism of virtual patient encounters. With extensive background knowledge and experience in medicine, engineering, and software development, we strive to become a leading innovator of cost-effective, user-friendly, and didactic training tools intended to produce better healthcare professionals. All while providing the highest-level customer service and top-quality products made in the USA.

wonder how SP's get custom auscultatory findings?

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DxBAT Tele-auscultation

FREE Tele-Auscultation program

The free DxBAT® Tele-Auscultation program allows students to remotely auscultate a case portrayed by a standardized patient via Zoom teleconferencing.

Great for students to practice too! (for Windows systems only).

More info and download HERE